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Chongqing FESCO Human Resource Management Co. Ltd.

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Chongqing FESCO Human Resource Management Co. Ltd. established in 2005 and is the holding subsidiary of CICET.  It is also the member of China Association of Foreign Services Trade and the practical training base of college graduates in Chongqing.  The business of FESCO is HR service for domestic organizations such as labor training, recruiting, and dispatching and other consultancy business. The domestic organizations include foreign enterprises, financial institutions, universities, enterprise groups, some government agencies and etc. They have sub branches in some Chongqing Industrial Parks like Xi Yong Industrial Park, Cha Yuan Industrial Park, Northern New Zone, Cuntan Bonded Port Zones. During the last short 4 years, FESCO has built its own brand by professional business activity, qualified service and care and become one of the key HR enterprises in Chongqing.

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ADD:No.34,Jianxin Road(N),Jiangbei district Chongqing,China.
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