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Chongqing HaiFa Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd

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CHONGQING HAIFA ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION CO., LTD established in Jan. 1995 and is the holding subsidiary of CICET.  It is a member of CHINA ASSOCIATION OF PLANT ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS and passed ISO9001:2000 (GB/T19001-2000) Quality Management System and GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

The main business of this company is involved with supervision for engineering construction, public works construction, control of geological hazard in three gorges area, and with equipment installation supervision, engineering project management outsourcing, engineering cost consultancy and engineering technical service. It has qualifications like GRADE A for building construction supervision, GRADE A for municipal facilities construction supervision, GRADE A for Chongqing public welfare project engineering supervision, GRADE B for equipment installation supervision, GRADE B for engineering cost consultancy, GRADE B for control of geological hazard.  It also has qualifications for land reclamation and comprehensive improvement on irrigation and water conservancy.  This company has not only supervised some economic aid projects to Niger, Seychelles, Mongolia and Tanzania; but also supervised many domestic engineering projects in Chongqing and Sichuan province.  Over these years, it won a lot of prizes,  such as Architectural Engineering Luban Award by China Construction Industry Association, Architectural Engineering Bayu Award by China Construction Industry Association, Three Gorges Cup Structure Engineering Award by China Construction Industry Association, Mountain City Cup Installation Engineering Award by China Construction Industry Association, Golden Cup for Public Works by Chongqing Government, Architectural Engineering Award by the General Staff Headquarters of Chinese People's Liberation Army.

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